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The ministry of agriculture issued a new round of national f

Release date:2017-07-13 11:41:32
August 28, the general office of the ministry of agriculture issued the 2015-2017 national support promotion of agricultural machinery product catalog application guide (hereinafter referred to as the "guideline to declare"). According to the ministry of agriculture, ministry of finance, national development and reform commission jointly formulated by the state support the promotion of agricultural machinery product directory management method ", the ministry of agriculture in three years for a cycle, regularly publish national support the promotion of agricultural machinery product catalog.

The release of the declaration, guide to agricultural machinery product catalog listed 10 categories of 28 small class 73 item, and the last time (2011) published by the agricultural machinery product catalog (10 categories of small classes and 90 item 31) compared to the small class reduced 3, item 17. Such adjustments, reflected the departments concerned about increasing threshold in order to reflect the requirements of the advanced countries directory. On the specific arrangement: the declaration cutbacks in guide to use provinces less items, simple structure, low technology content products, including vegetable transplanting machine, smoke machine, fruit vegetables harvester, seed harvester, sugar cane silage cutter, feed cutting machine, crusher, carbon dioxide generator, drainage and irrigation machinery, insecticidal lamp, other fruit tree pruning machine, bait casting machine, rolling machine, aquaculture equipment, distributor (manure), knapsack corn harvester and rake, etc.; To keep 73 item at the same time, most set up corresponding technical threshold, such as flip plow item, request 3 huasheng (including) above, mechanical flip plow, pneumatic flip plow was not included in the directory.

Declare this directory, the overall process time constant, but increased the recommendation of the public in the process of the provincial audit link, its aim is to promote the filing work more fair and just, early correction of errors and facilitating enterprise complement relevant filing materials. Considering the continuity of the policy, the previous directory to declare the enterprise qualification, product qualification requires significant adjustments have been made, is still in production, have a certain amount of registered capital. The number of employees of enterprises, product sales is difficult to examine, the declaration guide to cancel the corresponding requirements.

Are included in the 2012-2014 national support for the promotion of agricultural machinery products catalogue (including annual additions) products, the declare clear: guide to enterprises to declare, under the condition of information did not change, do not submit identification certificate, appraisal report and other related materials, to streamline a lot of paper filing submitted the kinds of materials, applying for more convenient.


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