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Gaomi city for walking tractor special projects

Release date:2017-07-13 11:41:09
To further strengthen the agricultural machinery safety supervision, to ensure the operation of agricultural machinery is not any accident, a few days ago, gaomi city NongJiJu pulled open the prelude to special projects for walking tractor illegal operations.


City NongJiJu to attach great importance to the special projects held a special meeting, the director in charge of led, set up two governance group, each group of 4 people, arrive early, play time, shard governance. One is to strengthen public security traffic police to cooperate, to establish the long-term effective mechanism of joint governance "tractor", and the traffic police offices office, intensify illegal operation of walking tractor road is investigated. Second, use the form, such as "casing" governance by car key governance, including coal, wood market, farmers market, shashi walking tractor operations centers, three is to walking tractor often homework county-rural road investigation dynamics. Four is increased with the township station of agricultural machinary joint law enforcement, the village door, door to door service.


Days, after the tireless efforts of everyone, walking tractor dealt with an illegal illegal operations more than 50 trains, for the city to build a good safety production environment.



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