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Ray walter tractors Jin Gangjiang open agricultural brand en

Release date:2017-07-13 11:43:13
Transformers as ray tractor image spokesperson. On October 27, held in zhengzhou, China international agricultural machinery exhibition in ray walter P2304 -k tractor, GN60 harvester, and many other ray agricultural equipment and high-end products, in a ray height 5 meters tractor kong robot release meet with the audience. Ray walter agricultural equipment become the industry's first launch of product image spokesperson.


Ray walter tractor transformers and ray P2304 - K power shift of the tractor


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"The face is the product into the in the mind of the consumer a brand symbol, with a sense of science and technology and strength of ray WoJinGang tractor to endorse ray, give full consideration to both in appearance, the fit in the field of technology, quality, etc, also reflected the ray agriculture equipment to lead the development of science and technology as a driving force, creating world brand appeal." Selection for ray WoJinGang robot as spokesperson for ray, tractor, Mr Fukuda thunder heavy industry luna wang, deputy general manager said.


With the rapid development of machinery and equipment industry in China, the user on the consumption idea gradually mature, enhance brand awareness, brand is becoming an important factor in maintaining close relationship between products and consumers. Ray vogosmart harvesting machinery, the thunder god walter tractor as a representative of the Chinese agricultural modernization and new rural construction achievements, on the 60th anniversary of National Day parade floats in tiananmen square; Ray walter tractor for three consecutive years won the national grain big prize cars; And into the screen of "country love", plays the new rural movement; Dozens of tons of ray walter loader and excavator big show "dancing", "drift", Mr Fukuda thunder, heavy industry in recent years on the way of brand building and brand operation is moves to mount.


Science and technology creating the future is Mr Ray, company mission and vision to meet the needs of the entity business development by leaps and bounds, in October 2009, Mr Fukuda thunder, heavy industry for the first time with endorsements ray ray WoJinGang wo loader and excavator at Beijing international construction machinery exhibition, to become a major bright spot. Fukuda thunder, heavy industry and tried water 2011 CCTV gold resources advertised bidding, successfully won the bid CCTV gold resources - "news broadcast" after BiaoBan, and costly to professional advertising team blockbuster Hollywood image is given priority to with transformers ray engineering machinery AD, further strengthen the brand awareness of audience. Unique brand marketing idea, make the brand visibility and reputation of continued ascension.




Gleaming ray tractor king kong


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It is understood that as the fukuda thunder heavy industry with the advancement of globalization, fukuda thunder heavy "ray," in the development of the brand has successively passed three big jump evolution, completed the four brand switching, formed by the seven product brand and "for you with all my heart" service brand to support brand architecture, we have created a unique fukuda thunder, heavy industry brand operation value chain. "Ray," products and "ray," brands are showed good growth, brand influence and brand value continuously jump. Released by the world brand laboratory (WBL) in the "China 500 most valuable brands", in 2011 Mr Fukuda thunder heavy "ray," brand value assessment in climbed to 14.311 billion yuan, ranked 64th China's 500 most valuable brands list, since to 7.015 billion yuan in 2008, four years to achieve the double growth, in recent years the domestic brand value, one of the fastest growing brands for the domestic machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises set up the model.


Research and development of science and technology is indispensable to the brand image of strong innovation ability, to science and technology at the core of ray walter brand appeal, Mr Fukuda thunder heavy industry in recent years continued to enhance investment in research and development, actively build more than Europe, Beijing, shandong location interactive integration with focus on research and development system, and tentacles, digestion, absorption, leading-edge technology. By integrating knowledge, integrating innovation in 2011, most agricultural equipment production domestic independent brands in feeding amount harvester - ray vogosmart GN60 god realized the domestic bulk delivery, synchronizer, power shift, tractors and other high-end new products continue to emerge, breaking the foreign farm machinery giant horsepower, big feeding amount, high technical content in the field of agricultural equipment monopoly; Ray walter engineering machinery is control technology in excavator EPC, loader double become core components, such as technology, rotary drill tool and other key core technology has achieved many breakthroughs. Through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of high-end products and services, Mr Fukuda thunder heavy industry has paved the way for the development of globalization. 1 - September, Mr Fukuda thunder heavy industry sales income 12 billion yuan, up 12.5%; Among them, the ray walter agricultural equipment business product sales more than 130000 units, up 33.2% from a year earlier, the sales income of 6.5 billion yuan, up 24.3% from a year earlier.


In "global" connotation growth, structural adjustment, the management policy, guided by Mr Fukuda thunder, heavy industry, agricultural equipment, engineering machinery, vehicle industry achieved rapid development balanced, "over the next five to 10 years thunder walter goal is to become a world famous brand, China famous brand of mechanical equipment", Mr Fukuda thunder heavy industry secretary of the party committee Liang Qirong said.


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