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Modern multi-functional agricultural machinery equipment man

Release date:2017-07-13 11:39:24
On June 10, "modern multi-functional agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing key technology research" project launched in Beijing, will focus on the breakthrough of stepless variable speed drive system, field navigation, the key techniques such as the level and 400 horsepower heavy tractors and other new products.


This is the first "five-year" national science and technology support plan launched major projects, also is the total investment of 320 million yuan of "11th five-year plan" national science and technology support program - "multi-functional agricultural equipment and facilities to develop" project after the completion of another major project.


Ministry of science and technology of rural slurry sampling industry, deputy director of the Jiang Maosen told reporters, according to the agricultural equipment industry "twelfth five-year" development of science and technology special planning and implementation of form a complete set, the follow-up project 863, science and technology support projects will be started.


The other it is understood that the upcoming national "twelfth five-year" plan for science and technology, will be "intelligent agricultural equipment and facilities" as the "twelfth five-year" major projects in the field of rural science and technology plan. The personage inside course of study thinks, "twelfth five-year" period, the state of agricultural equipment in the field of investment in science and technology will no doubt further strengthen, the scope will be further widened.


Although looks a good situation, the Chinese academy of engineering mao-hua wang reminded, "when application projects, the priority is to understand the current research areas and the world's highest level of gap, solid, chasing one step at a time, and at the same time to improve scientific research management system, efforts to form resultant force, to raise the level of agricultural equipment."


The first 32 warehousing project


"Modern multi-functional agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing key technologies research project by the agricultural equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance director unit of China academy of agricultural mechanization to organize the implementation, the project total investment 294 million yuan, among them, the funds investment of 130 million yuan, the project entity undertaking investment of 164 million yuan and local matching.


Agricultural equipment industry technology innovation strategy alliance secretary general, China's agricultural mechanization research institute, vice President of the party constitution, project around large multifunctional farmland homework equipment, agricultural machinery intelligent equipment, agricultural facilities and equipment, small portable equipment, livestock equipment and facilities as well as the origin of commercialization of six key processing equipment, the preferred choice of 32 first warehousing projects.


While the project team covers the agricultural equipment technology and key products in the field of key enterprises, research institutes, colleges and universities a total of 84 units, brings together the talents 706 agricultural equipment industry advantage, basic integration advantage resources of science and technology of the industry, advanced manufacturing capabilities. Through the implementation of the project, and eventually break through the stepless variable speed drive system, field navigation, farm machinery professional chassis digital function design and key technology such as complex pieces of lean manufacturing techniques; Development level 400 horsepower heavy tractor, 10 kg/s multi-function grain combine harvester device such as a new and 20 ~ 30 typical components.


At the same time, the establishment of the main food crops, cash crops, typical hilly, simplify the paddy field operations such as equipment development and demonstration base of 35 to 40. Formed from the application of digital design, advanced manufacturing agricultural power to large products, the main food crop production equipment, and all the advantages of economic crop production of key equipment manufacturing base and supporting industrial cluster.


Continue to rely on industry alliance


"But a good five cloud most deep place, carefree gulls wei feng total alliance", the qing dynasty famous writer YuYue depicts a poetic alliance.


In fact, as one of the first four industry technology innovation strategic alliance of agricultural equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance (hereinafter referred to as the alliance), since the date of establishment, has been given to promote science and technology resources agglomeration, sharing jointly research and development platform, through common key technology research and breakthrough leading products to create task.


During the period of "11th five-year plan", the league lead to organize the implementation of a series of national science and technology plan projects. Party constitution told China industry news reporter, the implementation of the series of major projects, to promote the development of agricultural equipment industry and also lay the foundations for the alliance continue to bear the national science and technology plans.


Ministry of science and technology policy and regulations department inspector Li Xinnan recognizes the achievements of the alliance. Industry technology innovation strategic alliance, he said, this kind of organization form can effectively the enterprise's innovation needs, the demand for technology application, universities and research institutions for a long time technical reserves and technical advantage well together, form a complementary strength, joint surrounding the industry chain of technological innovation to carry out technical innovation activities.


This kind of organization form, by alliance formed to support the real industry technology progress and lead the industry joint fleet carriers and the progress of development around the industry chain of technological innovation, so as to realize the ascension of the whole industry value chain, we gain more initiative in industry development.


Li Xinnan said, "the league this kind of organization form, the realization of the system and mechanism of the close combination of innovation and development strategy, the direction is right, be firm confidence."


However, also the scholar thinks, union the interests distribution between different subjects, affecting the long-term sustainable development of the alliance, especially the interests of the union produce disputes, if not properly solved, will directly affect the participation main body's enthusiasm, ultimately affect its role in alliance.


, vice President of the party secretary of China institute of agricultural mechanization, Li Yuntao said, China NongJiYuan as led project implementation unit, a comprehensive performance of the project organization and management responsibility, relying on the agricultural equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance, give full play to the organization and coordination, supervision and administration, ensure the quality of security project tasks completed.


The reporter understands, agricultural equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance on June 9, 27 league member has been added, including shandong Chang Lin machinery group co., LTD., and other six companies, 13 universities such as jilin university, and Beijing agricultural information technology research center, etc. 8 scientific research institutes.


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